Understand Why a Company Hires or Rejects Based on the Effectiveness of a Good CV

Do you often fail to impress the recruiters through the CV you have and as a result lose the most deserving job? Does it happen that your CV is often inconsistent and lacks the impression that you want to put on the hirers? Even more, does it happen that the person less skilled than you gets hired and you do not understand the reason behind it?

Well, then I have to you tell you that you are not alone in this. The majority of job-seekers fail to understand that how important a CV is and how an effectively built CV can help to get a highly paid job than what they would have expected.

First thing first, what is a Curriculum Vitae (CV)?

A CV is an on-the-desk written copy about your career and life’s significant achievements and is the very first impression you put on the recruiters about your qualifications and skills.

We can undoubtedly say that it is an extremely important document to nail or crash a job interview. While it contains your educational and professional history in detail, at the same time it gives a clear understanding about your overall personality by describing your interests and hobbies.

To start with, let us first keep it in the back of our minds that a good CV creation takes time and effort to create.

So, if you are REALLY seeking to learn the importance of effective and winning CVs then read further!

Five points about the importance of a high-quality CV to get hired for your dream job:

1.   They only want your CV first, not you: That’s so clear right? They WANT your CV; hence, it is very important. Well, all the companies hire people based on how good their CV describes and depicts candidate’s qualities and skills. The recruiters or the companies who offer the job get acquainted with you through your CV. Once they select your CV only then a face-to-face interview is scheduled further. Hence, a CV is your messenger, only that this time, it is sent by you.

2.   They know how to reject a candidate, solely based on CVs: The people, who hire you, want you to work for them and their businesses to increase sales and achieve company’s goals. So, they have a clear understanding of whom they need and who could simply add up to a non-valuable resource. Therefore, the first thing that they focus on is the relevance of the CV and the job they have to offer you. A good piece of CV advice that it is built keeping in mind the company’s requirements. This is a kingpin amongst other job-seekers’ CVs and will always make you stand out.

3.   CV builds an authority and credibility about the candidate: It is a well-known fact that any business that operates well also holds a strong credibility and authority. Similarly, when you apply for a job and send your CV online or offline, it is accountable; hence, it offers a great deal of credibility and authority to the employer for you.

4.   If it is only 1 amongst 10 candidates, then your CV has to win it: A proficient and well-drafted CV is always a catch to anyone’s eye. And if the odds of getting the job are so low then you should really ponder on getting a comprehensible yet competent CV.

5.   CV helps to anticipate your passion, determination and hard work: It is generally thought and assumed that the employer just takes a glance over the CV and does not read it through completely. Let me tell you, that is a mere myth and such statements are said by failures. An employer reads between the lines and acquires the unsaid and unwritten abilities of analyzing you as a person. People need people who are passionate about their work and your CV shouts-it-out to the employer.

Lastly, here are the things you should know before getting into CV-making:

So, now you know the importance of a persuasive CV.

Next, before getting your hands into CV making and learning How to write a professional CV , let us briefly go through the basics of a CV building.

A CV is always prepared in a chronological order, meaning your career achievements are mentioned from the oldest to the latest. A CV generally varies from 3 to 4 pages; however, is always clear and concise. Also, a CV should be grammatically correct and error-free.

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