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Professional Resume Writing Services Houston 

Welcome to Resume Folks, a leading and results-driven resume writing service provider in Houston, Texas. Houston is a vibrant city with a thriving job market, encompassing a wide range of industries such as energy, healthcare, aerospace, and technology etc. We work with trained and skilled resume writers and a team of ex-recruiters of Huston, who very well understand the job market locally and nationally and they can help you with a professional and strongly written Resume to help you get hired and secure a role or position of your choice. 

Why Houston Job Seekers Need Our Resume Services

Personalized Resume Writing 

  • In-Depth Client Consultation: We begin with a thorough understanding your career background, objectives, and the specific roles you’re targeting. This personalized approach ensures your resume is aligned with your career goals and effectively deliver results to you.
  • Custom Resume Development: Each resume is custom-built from scratch, focusing on your unique skills, expertise, experiences and accomplishments. We avoid generic templates, delivering a resume that truly represents you.

Comprehensive Resume

Keyword Optimized Resume

  • ATS Compatibility: Many employers use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter resumes. We optimize your resume with relevant keywords to ensure it passes through these systems and reaches human eyes and ranks you better in the pool of fellow applicants.
  • Industry-Specific Terms: Incorporating industry-specific terminology increases the chances of your resume being noticed by recruiters and hiring managers of your targeted industry.

Professional Formatting and Design

  • Clean and Modern Layouts: We use professional formatting techniques to create clean, modern resume layouts that are easy to read and visually appealing.
  • Highlighting Key Information: Important details about your career are strategically highlighted to catch the reader’s eye quickly.

Additional Services for Comprehensive Career Support

Cover Letter Writing

  • Complementary Documents: A well-crafted cover letter complements your resume, providing an opportunity to elaborate on your suitability for the role. We create personalized cover letters that strengthen your job application.
  • Persuasive Messaging: Our cover letters emphasize your enthusiasm for the role and your fit with the company’s culture and objectives.

LinkedIn Profile Enhancement

  • Professional Branding: A robust LinkedIn profile is essential for modern job searches. We optimize your profile to reflect your professional brand, increasing your visibility to recruiters.
  • Consistent Messaging: Ensuring consistency between your resume and LinkedIn profile enhances your professional image and credibility.

Proven Results and Client Satisfaction

Client Success Stories

  • Real Impact: Our clients have successfully secured positions in top Houston companies, ranging from energy giants to leading healthcare institutions.
  • Testimonials: “Resume Folks transformed my resume, helping me land a role at a major oil and gas company. Their industry knowledge was key.” – David W., Petroleum Engineer

Essential Resume

(Skilled Resume Writer)


2-Day Turnaround

  • Skilled Resume Writer –Professionally written Resume by a skilled & experienced resume writer.
  • Formatted for success – Professional layout to catch employer’s attention; custom tailored & well-formatted to suit different occupational needs/roles. Resume uses a results-driven approach; backed with a strong track record of proven success.

  • Keyword optimised (ATS friendly) – Rank higher when employer searches for a candidate.
  • Editable Word & Pdf formats.

  • 3 free revisions – for a period of 6 months.

  • A dedicated resume writer to keep in direct touch with.



2-Day Turnaround

  • Essential  Resume – Professionally written by a skilled writer 
  • Professional Cover Letter – Employers are 50% more likely to read a resume with a cover letter.

  • Free LinkedIn Makeover – 95% of employers use LinkedIn; we’ll professionally rewrite your profile.

Premium Resume

(Senior Resume Writer)


2-Day Turnaround

  • Senior Resume Writer – Professionally written Resume by a senior resume writer.
  • 60-Day Interview guarantee – Get guaranteed job interviews.
  • Personalised Job-search strategy by a certified career coach – on effectively planning & executing the job-search & job application strategy; to help you attain a job and to help you explore the hidden job market.

  • Resume formatted for success & keyword optimised – Rank higher when an employer searches for a candidate.
  • Unlimited free revisions – for 12 months. 

  • A dedicated resume writer 



2-Day Turnaround

  • Premium Resume, Job Search &  Job Application Strategy/Consultation
  • Premium Cover Letter – Employers are 50% more likely to read a resume with a cover letter.

  • Free LinkedIn Makeover – 95% of employers use LinkedIn; we’ll professionally rewrite your profile.

Executive Resume

(Executive Resume Writer)


2-Day Turnaround

  • Executive Resume Writer – Professionally written Resume by the senior-most & professionally certified resume writer
  • 90-Day Job Guarantee –  Guaranteed job. Unlimited support.
  • Personalised Job-search strategy by a certified career coach.
  • Job Interview Advice
  • Personal Brand Management – HR, Hiring Managers & background check services will research you online—this advice helps you avoid costly mistakes by developing a strong online brand 
  • Dedicated Resume Writer
  • Unlimited free revisions – for 24 months



2-Day Turnaround

  • Executive Resume, Job Search Strategy & Interview Advice
  • Executive Cover Letter – Employers are 50% more likely to read a resume with a cover letter.

  • Free LinkedIn Makeover – 95% of employers use LinkedIn; we’ll professionally rewrite your profile.

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