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A generous and kind temperament, a cheerful disposition and a knack for communication are few of the basic skills which take to be a receptionist. The job of a receptionist has no specific industry and gives an opportunity to learn from various fields. The choice of the sector you work in lies completely in your hands, giving you an option to experience the variety of knowledge.

Resume folks will help you design and craft a resume or CV that will suit the industry your job specifies.

A regular day of a receptionist includes:

    • Greeting the visitors in the organization
    • Managing the bookings and reservations
    • Handling customer’s demands and requirements over an automated framework
    • Managing multiple telephone calls, emails, letters, fax, etc. over the span of a day
  • Query handling

Although customer service is the major skill a receptionist may have, few other noteworthy skills include:

    • Being cordial at all times
    • Being a pro at things trained for
    • Being a multi-tasker
    • Being calm and composed
  • Being patient with objections and issues

If you consider having all of the above-mentioned qualities and skills, you can see a future for yourself as a receptionist. However, can you put all these qualities and relevant experience in your resume or CV with the right keywords and focusing on the job relevancy?

Resume folks are a great team of experts from all fields who make excellent resumes. What’s the use of having a general CV or resume when you can have a resume which reflects exactly the skills you have falling in line with the job you want? We focus on the accuracy of your knowledge and experience to showcase how you fit the job!

Being a receptionist also asks for you to be a great listener and having above average inter-personal skills. Having an upper hand in communication is another added advantage when you apply for a job of a receptionist. Any reputed organization will require these skills for them to hire you. You think you have it? Even if you are not sure, our team of resume professionals will find out and put your expertise and knowledge with the right keywords on your resume so that you get that job!

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