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Graduate CV Writing Service

Looking for a graduate job? Not getting any responses to your CV? Follow these tips to improve your success rate.

Now I’m guessing that anyone who put all-nighters in to get a degree has got to be pretty passionate about succeeding right? Apart from the blessed few who study because they enjoy studying (?!) the rest of us do it to secure better career prospects. However, research shows that of the 400,000 graduates in the UK every year only 67% secure professional roles1. And if you want to talk about the competition there are only 20,000 graduate roles offered by the blue chip companies across the UK every year.

How do you land a professional job post-graduation?

Companies are getting quite creative with their recruitment processes now. They may employ a variety of techniques including video interviews, telephone interviews, aptitude tests etc. But it all starts with a CV. If your CV does not catch the attention of the recruiter you won’t even be considered.

A CV is a sales document

Your CV is a sales document selling your skills and abilities. This document needs to be catchy, persuasive and easy to read. It needs to demonstrates your unique skills in a way that gets the recruiter wanting to know about you. It also needs to look good and be free of grammatical errors. That’s a lot of demands for a 2-page document!

Tailor your CV for the role you are applying for

Creating a good CV requires you to be able to bring to life the key attributes that are required for the role you are applying for. So for instance if you are applying for a role within investment banking knowing the managers of  happening venues in London won’t be relevant. However, if you are applying for event management in London then you need to make this attribute sing in your CV.

How do you know what skills you should be including and what you shouldn’t be including?

As a graduate this is where things get a little tricky. You will have limited knowledge of the industry you are applying for. While recruiters expect this if they see a CV that is tailored to the industry then they pay attention. This is where getting your CV professionally written can make a huge difference.

Have you written CV’s for someone in my industry?

As a group of CV Writers we have wrote CV’s for graduates going into a wide-range of industries, from aeronautical engineers to investment bankers. We have also done endless CV’s for senior managers and directors so we know the language and terms that will appeal to them. For instance, in the financial industry they use the term ‘business analyst’ for someone who implements change projects. In other industries, they use the term ‘project manager’ for the same role.  Using the same language as your recruiters helps to secure you subconscious points. 

What we offer

We take a consultative approach to developing your bespoke CV. We will ask you to send in your existing CV and example of jobs you would like to apply for. After analysing this information, we send you some tailored questions to fill in the gaps. It’s not unusual for our to get in contact a few times to gather all the information we need to create the best 2-page achievement focused CV possible.

Graduate CV is an investment

For £???? you get an interview generating CV that will pay for itself within the first week of your graduate job.

Some people say they prefer to have a go themselves. However, I view writing a CV like putting up kitchen units. If I tried to do it myself it will take me days and the end result may be functional but slightly crooked. If I got the professionals in, the kitchen units will be done in a day and the finished product will be flawless. Investing in CV writing is the same- you do it to save time and get a more professional product that will get you your dream job.

10% discount for ladies

In support of movements to secure equal pay for women and more women in senior management roles we are offering 10% off for our female clients.

Why wait? Start a successful post-graduation career now

Simply contact us to book your graduate CV & we will assign you with a CV Consultant within 24 hours. Let your career journey begin!!!

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