Why General CV Is No CV?

Life gets tougher when you step out of college. New beginnings, new environment and many people to deal with; that’s what a professional life looks like.


We still strive for it, don’t we?

The beginning is the most important part of the work. – Plato

The question here is, what is the beginning? Is it the dreaded first job interview or the network we build over the years?

We say, neither!

It is all in the CV.

Having a CV, custom-made to portray all your skills and qualifications is not enough anymore. The employer isn’t looking forward to read every detail. Then what? You have got to be precise – to the point – and show in your CV what the employer is looking for in that particular job position!

Having one general CV to go with all kinds of job position and roles you apply for is the biggest mistake you’ve been making!

In current times, employers are attracted to job specific CVs which highlight exactly what they’re looking for in the candidate that suits the job. If they don’t find the keywords and necessary skills and attributes right there, be assured that your CV meets the trash in no time!

You would not want that, right?

Let us elaborate on why having a job position specific CV is what you need to land your dream job.

Competitive edge

When you design your CV based on the job position created, you get an upper hand over the candidates who are applying for the same position. Now imagine if you apply with a general CV, what impact will it make in comparison to the rest of applications? None, right?

What happens next? The employer might not even consider your application and your CV eats dust even though you might have been the deserving candidate for that job!

Impress with your CV

A well-crafted CV along with a cover letter written with precision finds a place in the employer’s memory right when they see it!

Even though they might not select you for the interview right then, they will definitely have your CV in their mind – when the final selection time arrives – you can be sure that they will pick you!

Call for an Interview

The ultimate motive of CV writing is to get you the interview call and let you utilize that opportunity to grab your dream job.

With an error-free and well-designed CV having all the right keywords at the right places, you can increase your chances of getting selected for the interview manifold!

Your first impression matters!

You cannot deny the fact that your CV becomes the first impression of you. Your CV should be taken very seriously as they play a crucial role in the ‘Make or Break’ situation of your first impression.

We, the CV Folks, do not generate bulk CVs for you, instead, we craft and design individual CVs suited for the job role mentioned using the skills and qualifications you have and create the best we can!

For a customized CV, get in touch with us! Also you can read this blog as to how to write a CV which will get you an idea how professional our services are if you book with us.

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